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Week 1

Star of the Week and SKAT winners!

Our Star of the week this week is Thomas. Thomas has settled well on his first week back. He has shown a positive attitude towards all of his learning by trying his best, contributing well in all of his lessons and asking for help when he needs it.

Felix is our SKAT winner this week, he has been recognised for being fair. Felix has been listening and considering other children’s opinions. During our discussions around democracy, Felix  came up with a fair and effective way to make decisions which included everyone’s opinion. 

Well done boys!


On Tuesdays with Mrs Wilton we have enjoyed starting our new Yoga PE topic. 

We started off our new Monday English unit 'writing to persuade'. We watched 3 different adverts and considered how the writer had used persuasive techniques to hook us in.

What does sustainability mean? This is the big question in our new Geography topic for this half term. The children were able to shared facts and opinions about how to live whilst protecting our planet.