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Week One

What a busy week we have had. We welcomed Miss Barnes into Year 3 on Monday. The children enjoyed telling their stories of their week off and what they were going to be doing for Halloween.





We have started to look at Fables and what the stories mean.

We watched videos of the Lion and the Mouse and  The Penguin and the Ostrich. On Friday we read and listened to The Tortoise and the Hare. This week we have been re-writing the fables in our own words. 




Writing our own version of the fables



This half term we are now learning about All animals including humans. This week we have been learning about food and how it can help our bodies. Learning about the major food groups and how they help us grow and keep healthy.





We have been looking at expressing our faith through Art.

The children looked at a number of pictures and art forms that have religious content.


Miss Barnes asked the children, how the artwork made them feel. What they thought was being expressed by the Artist.



We are trying our hand at producing prehistoric art. The children watched a video about how the Stone Age people painted pictures in caves, they found out that most of the artwork painted depicted what was happening at the time. Alot of the pictures included basic pictures of men hunting animals. Children found out that the pictures were painted with charcoal, crushed berries, soil and sandy mixed with water.


Friday afternoon was very creative, and the children enjoyed experimenting drawing primitive images of animals that we would find near our community.


Have a look at our Friday afternoon activities in the slides below