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Week 2 (Monday 9th January - Friday 13th January)



This half term in PE we have started our learning off with a dance unit. On Monday we created our own dance based on Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. In counts of 8 we came up with different ways of moving first our heads, then our shoulders, our knees and finally our toes. The children came up with their own movements after we discussed the different ways we can move each of the four body parts.




This week's maths focus has been 'how many altogether'.

In one of the lessons we saw some children on a bus, some children waiting at a bus stop and then we had to work out how many children there were altogether.

Our subitising skills are really improving.


We have also been working on our number formation. Can you practise the number 2 at home using this rhyme?


This week our whole school value focus has been thankfulness.

We listened to a song about thanking the Lord and talked about the things we are thankful for. What are you thankful for?

Thank You Lord For This New Day


This first part of this half term in RE we are talking about stories that Jesus heard. This week we heard the story about Daniel in the Lion's Den and we watched a little video of the story. We discussed why Daniel was a hero and whether or not the King made a good choice putting Daniel down in the lion's den.