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Week 5

This week has been quite busy so far, we have been doing some work that will assess what we have learnt in Year 1 during the Autumn term.

We have worked really hard to impress Miss Whaley; Mrs Robinson; Mrs Blackburn and Mrs Pratley.


We have also be rehearsing our Nativity performance, we can't show you any pictures from this as we don't want to ruin the surprise.


This week we had a special visitor to our classroom, he came to tell us all about protecting ourselves from germs that can make us ill. He had some soft toys that resembled some of the childhood illnesses we could catch and explained to us the importance of 'Hand Hygiene'.

To demonstrate how germs spread on our skin, he sprayed our hands with a solution that shows up under his special light. Then when we placed our hands under the light we could see the germs. We could also check who washed their hands the best.

Elves in Year 1

We have been so lucky, Father Christmas has sent two elves to Year 1. They are check we are all being super good to stay on the 'Good List'.

We are so excited that Elvis and Ernie have come to our class, we are keeping an eye on them both to make sure no-one touches them.