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Week 6



Last week, we set up our science investigation. We wanted to investigate how an iron nail placed in saltwater changes over time.  We also set up comparisons using plain water, vinegar in water, and placing a nail in water for 2 days before removing it. As a control, we kept a nail in the air.  We had already learnt that rust occurs when water and oxygen react with iron or steel. It is a chemical reaction that causes damage and is therefore irreversible. Have a look at our results. 

Science at home


At the start of our science lesson today, we asked the question, "Have you ever burnt your toast?". Lots of us have! We learnt that toast is an irreversible change - we can never get our bread back. Burning involves a fuel (the bread), heat and oxygen and leaves us with smoke and ash. We also learnt that toasting causes any water in the bread to evaporate, meaning that your piece of toast weighs less that the bread you used to make it. The children have been challenged to test this at home. Don't forget to let me know what you find out!



We have completed our artwork about the artist and architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Haven't we done well?

We have also designed and made Christmas cards for a local care home. These have helped us to think about the true meaning of Christmas, something that we have been looking at in our RE lessons.



We have been creating our own dance sequences in pairs using a method known as 'Dance by Chance'.  Thank you to Naomi for taking the photographs.

Year 5 Blog - Joseph and Miley


This week  in science we took some nails and we were looking at how much rust can be on nails in different conditions like vineger and water and water and salt and just air. The one with the most rust was just water .


In English, we did our 100 word mini saga about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which all came out well and we all tried our best. 


In maths this week we have been adding and subtracting fractions - we all had fun. We mostly did mixed fractions.


In PE we did gymnastics and dance. In gymnastics we learned to travel and jump to one and another side of the mat like a gymnast. In dance we did dance by chance and did different types of dances.


What we did in SPaG was spelling practice and we did handwriting practice.


In guided reading we were reading the poem The Adventures of Isabel.