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Happy 50th Birthday St James'!

Happy 50th Birthday!


Friday 22nd March marked 50 years since the school reopened in it's current building. 


We had various celebrations throughout the day, involving past pupils and staff, old documents, photographs and records and our current pupils' families.


The hall was set out with lots of old photographs. Some pupils could spot their parents on them! There were also lots of documents and records, some of which dated to the early 1900s! The children loved seeing the 'Punishment Book'. They couldn't believe some of the punishments the past pupils received and were also shocked and thrilled to hear of a fire which started in what is now the current junior corridor! Each class came to the hall throughout the afternoon to look through the old records and see all the photographs. The hall was also open to visitors and we had some past pupils come. Any past pupils were also given a tour of the school to see what had changed since their time here. This was a big hit and exclamations of how the building had changed could be heard throughout the afternoon. 


At dinnertime, the children all had a picnic lunch outside and families were invited to join us. There was excitement in the air (as well as some wind but thankfully no rain!) and everybody had big smiles on their faces.