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Week 4

Year 4 have had a wonderful week and would like to thank Mrs Malik for organising Science Day.


This week has been assessment week, so all the children have worked so hard completing all the work.


We have also been invited into the hall to watch Year 5 as they performed their play in a day.


Our Year 4 Star of the week, this week is ....

Well done Eva.

Our SkAt's winner this week is...



Science Day

Year 4 did a great job presenting their learning about Greta Thurnburg and environmental issues at St James' Science fair. Thank you to The Little Shop of Hope in Clitheroe for providing the children with so many interesting environmentally friendly products to talk about. 


In P.E. this week, all the children were showing their teamwork,  resilience and perseverance. 


The children were asked to run for 5 minutes at a time, whilst their partner cheered them on and recorded their progress.


All the students were outstanding, in different areas.