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Week Four

Another week full of great learning with this fantastic class. We have had some brilliant lessons this week. Finishing with STEM day on Friday.

Our Star of the Week this week was....


Our handwriting certificate winner this week was...



We had great fun this week in Outdoor learning. Even though we fought through the snow and rain showers. Then battled with finding all the bags of clues, some were blown away, which we didn't find until lunchtime.


We were investigating decimals by adding all the coins found in each clue bag. Some coins were 1/10th's and some were 1's.


Great work everyone.

Our Scientists were amazing during our STEM activities.

We watched a video from NASA, telling us all about how heat shields work on space shuttles and spacecraft.


We were tasked with making a heat shield to keep our cargo (a creme egg) protected from the heat of re-entry in to the Earths atmosphere (we used a hair dryer on high heat).


We had the choice of materials to use. We had cardboard, bubble wrap, felt material and  styrofoam.


The heat shield area could only be 40cm squared. The children needed to calculate the surface area and how they would attach to their spacecraft ( a plastic cup).


Look at the collection of photographs, showing what a great time we all had.