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Welcome to the Maths area of our website!

The subject leader for Maths at St James' is Mrs Bibby.


Our Christian Vision for Maths


In Maths lessons, through following the mastery approach, we believe that all children can succeed in Maths ensuring that every child is given the support they need to achieve their potential. All maths lessons contain elements of the 5 big ideas of mastery (coherence, fluency, mathematical thinking, variation and representation & structure). Through this approach, children are allowed to form a deep understanding of mathematical concepts allowing each child to develop their understanding of maths to the full. A variety of methods and strategies are taught and discussed, valuing the diversity within our classrooms. Throughout St. James’, children are encouraged to spot patterns and make links between numbers and mathematical concepts, allowing them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of God’s world. As well as this, we equip children with the tools they need to reason about their mathematical understanding allowing them to share their understanding with others. Our aim is that all children leave St. James confident in their own mathematical ability and understanding, creating the opportunity for further learning and providing the foundation for a wide variety of paths in their future.


At St. James' we work hard to meet the aims of all three areas of the National Curriculum:

  1. Fluency
  2. Reasoning
  3. Problem Solving


We make sure that we cover all three aspects in every lesson and support our learning through using practical methods and concrete resources to help us understand Maths.


In Year 2 - Year 6, we use Times Tables Rock Stars to help us become more fluent in our times table knowledge. We have our own log in and we can practise at home! If you need any help logging into your account, just ask your teacher to help. 


Snapshot of Maths

There have been lots of changes in Maths recently, as Mrs Bibby and Mrs Malik have been attending meetings with other teachers from other schools to discuss how we can improve maths at St. James'. We are moving towards a mastery approach at St. James' which we hope will mean that our children will gain more confidence and understanding in all areas of Mathematics. Mastery means taking small steps in our learning, so we are fully confident before moving our learning on. It also means focusing on fluency and reasoning, using different representations, seeing different images and answering different types of questions.