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Week 1



We have started to look at figurative language - similes, metaphors and personification - in order to write our own poetry. Today, we matched different metaphors before writing a poem of similes. 



We have started our new unit in Science looking at the lifecycle of humans. We started by looking at some of the more unusual lifecycles in nature. Ask your child about the axolotl, duck-billed platypus, parasitic wasp and cuckoo. 


We then recapped the meaning of sexual and asexual reproduction before considering a range of different plants and animals. Did you know that some plants and animals can reproduce sexually or asexually?


We concluded our lesson this week by learning about the different stages of the human lifecycle. There was a lot of discussion about when we move from being a child to becoming an adolescent! Scientists suggest that childhood lasts from 2 to 10 years whilst adolescence is from 10 to 19 years. 



Year 5 Class Blog


This week of year five was amazing!


In are lovely English lessons we did poems, poems including similes, personification and metaphors . And on Friday we all did our own poem about a summers day.


In Maths we did decimal addition and subtractions and it was quite tricky(did I say quite I mean really tricky).


And in PE we did some javelin throwing! It was a little tricky at first but eventually we got the hang of it and soon the foam javelins were flying!!!


This special blog was done by Esther Ullas