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Reception Class Outdoor Learning 22-23

Outdoor Learning in Reception Class

In Reception Class we go outside everyday and learn lots of things. Below you can see a gallery of our outdoor learning and different activities we have done.

Nature Faces (Team Work!) 10.5.23

Making Royal Portraits for the King's Coronation

During our Coronation celebrations, we made giant King Portraits using natural things we collected on our woodland walk.

Making 10

We made a giant 10 frame outside and then had a 'making 10 hunt'.


We had to search for the red cones that had been hidden around our outside area and then use the ten frame to help us work out any more there were to find.


"We've got seven so there must be three more. Seven and three make ten."


We really impressed our teachers!

What's in Your Circle? 17/4/23

Creating Obstacle Courses

Leaf Hedgehogs