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Week 4 (Monday 21st November - Friday 25th November)

PE - At the Circus

This week we developed our balancing skills and focused on using wide arms to help with this. Miss Bryan set up five circus stations which we worked our way around in our minibeast groups.


We saw some super balancing, jumping and 'juggling' skills!

World Cup Fun!

On Monday, we had the England v Iran game on in class during choosing time. Lots of the children chose to watch bits of the games and enjoyed celebrating when England scored!! Miss Bryan talked the children watching through what was happening! 


Postman Jeff

On Wednesday, we had a visit from Postman Jeff. He came in to talk to us about his very important job. He was wearing his uniform and told us about the reflective strips on his jacket and the bright orange colour. His favourite part of his job is all the walking he does. He walks nearly ten miles EVERY DAY! His least favourite part of his job is delivering letters and parcels in the snow.