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Week 1 (Tuesday 3rd January - Friday 6th January)


This week we have been learning about penguins. The children have loved finding out facts about them.


Did you know...

... there are lots of different types of penguins.

... penguins live in the southern hemisphere (the bottom part of the world.

... lots of penguins live in cold places but some penguins live in warmer places.

... penguins spend most of their lives in the water and they are expert swimmers.

... penguins have waterproof feathers which help them to glide through the water.
... penguins waddle slowly, while balancing with their wings.

... penguins have a thick layer of fat called blubber to help keep them warm.

Literacy - Drawing Club

Lost and Found


In Drawing Club this week, we have enjoyed Oliver Jeffers story 'Lost & Found'!

We learnt some new vocabulary words and actions to go with them:

Confused (wave hands at side of head)
Consulted (cup hands to mouth as if talking to someone)
Disappointment (shake head)
Misplaced (Hold hands out in front of you – palms up)
Constructed (stack your building blocks)
Accompany (Hold one hand with the other)
Dejected (Let out a sigh, shoulders up and then down)
Miniature (thumb and finger slightly apart)

Each day we had a new drawing focus:

The penguin and the boy (Tuesday)

The boat (Thursday) 

Something scary living under the water (Friday)



This week we have learnt two new GPC's in Reception class.



 'ff' as in coffee        'l' as in leg


We have been practising reading and writing words containing these phonemes/graphemes.


This week, we have started our 'Alive in 5' Learning.


We have been focusing on the composition of the numbers 1-5. We also looked at identifying the number 0 and watched the NumberBlock episode 'zero'.



The children were taught how to identify equal and unequal groups.