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Week 7

Star and SKAT winners!


Our start of the week this week is Filip. Filip has been trying hard to age sensible choices throughout the week and he has been focussing well in lessons.

Well done Daniel who has been awarded SKAT winner for being considerate. Daniel has been playing nicely with others on the playground, taking turns and making sure that the younger children are included in the activities. 

Art - Still Life Drawings

Year 4 had a go at creating a still life image in the style of artist Giorgio Morandi.  They chose 3 instruments and arranged them in an interesting way before sketching the outlines.  We then used a softer pencil to add darker tones and a rubber to remove then pencil and add highlights.

In science we looked at food chains and how all food chains need to have a producer at the beginning.  They are called a producer because they are able to produce their own energy from the sun.  The other animals in the chain are called consumers.  We discussed how animals can only eat other animals that live within the same habitat.