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Week 7 - Monday 10th October - Friday 14th October

We have had another busy week in class this week and the children have been amazing. We went into Celebration Worship for the first time on Friday and the children were AMAZING. We are so proud of each one of them, well done!




This week we received a letter from a little boy called Sam.  His friend was moving away and he wanted to know what he could do to cheer himself up.  We were definitely the right people to ask as we've been learning all about what we can do to make ourselves happy these past few weeks!  

Some of our suggestions were: to ring him up on the phone, play with some other friends from school in the sandpit and to get a big cuddle from Mummy or Daddy!  





In Maths this week we have been doing lost of comparing. We have compared heights, lengths boxes, amounts and much more. The children have used some really good vocabulary to compare different things and we have done lots of activities at the maths table.




This week in phonics we have learnt two new sounds - 't' as in tap and 'p' as in panda.


This week we focused on parts of our bodies. 
We walked around on our toes and on our heels to warm us up and then we learnt how to balance on one foot.

What helps us to keep our balance when standing on one foot:

  • Balance on the whole of your foot including your toes and your heels.


  • Look forward at something still.


  • Hold your arms out wide to help you.

Another part of our skill development this week was balancing beanbags on different parts of our bodies.

At the end of the lesson, Miss Bryan put some different pieces of equipment out in the hall (skipping ropes, hurdles and hoops). We walked around the room balancing beanbags on our heads whilst balancing along the ropes, stpping over the hurdles and into the hoops!