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Week 1

Week 1

We hope you have had a lovely half term break.  We have enjoyed our first week back in Year 2 as we have started lots of new topics.

In English we have read our new text Mossop's last chance by Michael Morpurgo and have enjoyed making predictions, discussing characters and creating a group map of a farm.

In maths we have been measuring objects using centimetres and metres and ordering and comparing lengths and heights of objects.  

We had lots of fun watching Inside Out on Wednesday which linked to our PSHE topic of dealing with emotions.

On Thursday Reverend Rebecca visited our class as we have started our topic learning about the symbols of the Easter story.  We talked about food that reminds us of different situations. She read us the story of the last supper where Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. She poured some wine (it was black current juice ) into the chalice, and we all passed round the plate and the bread. She told us that Christians today take bread and wine in church, to remind them of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

In geography we are learning about Antarctica and this week we identified the features of the land and weather and found out it is the worlds largest desert!