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Week 1 (Friday 1st September - Friday 8th September)

Induction Days

We welcomed in our Reception children in smaller groups to help them to get used to their classroom and the structure of their day. We had great fun as you can see from the pictures 😀


In our PE sessions this week, we have been getting used to finding a safe space in the hall (somewhere where we aren't to close to any other children or objects) and moving safely around the hall, travelling in different directions.

Our God is a Great Big God

We have enjoyed learning a little bit about someone special called God. Did you know that he knows us all and he loves us all? That makes us feel very special!

This week, we have been learning the Worship song 'Our God is a Great Big God'. It is definitely going to be one of our favourites at home!!


This week we met Jack who will be teaching us all about God and his son Jesus in our Worship lessons. 
Each time we have Class Worship Jack will bring his special Worship cloth and his favourite book, the bible to share a story with us.

Jack loves to sing songs and we are learning Jack's new Worship songs that we will sing each day.

Class of the Week!

We are class of the week this week which means we have the best attendance and punctuality in the school!

We enjoyed a biscuit and some 'Movie Time' on Friday afternoon.