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Week One

Arts Award Club


The children all attended the first week of the club. They were all excited to find out what they would be studying.


When Mrs Hudson told them how they would be studying all different ways of expressing the arts.


This week we studied the Artist Guiseppe ARCIMBOLDO, an artist born in Italy in 1527. Mrs Hudson showed the children the self portrait that he did using a pencil and watercolour paints.


The children then either replicated the artists portrait, or did their own self portrait, using a pencil and watercolour paints.


Mrs Hudson told the club that they would be studying 'SEASONS'. For homework this week, the children were asked to find or write a poem, find a piece of music about seasons. Then to draw a picture that they feel expresses seasons to them.

The children working hard, to complete their portraits.

Well done guys, you worked so hard.