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Week 4

Star and SKAT winners of the week!

Well done Lorcan our Star of the week! Lorcan has been living out our school vision by trying his hardest in every single lesson, contributing brilliant ideas and showcasing his fabulous range of vocabulary!

Esmai has been recognised as a SKAT winner because we have seen a huge improvement in her behaviour and attitude in class. Esmai is trying hard to follow the rules and make good choices. 

Well Done!

Art - Willow Pattern Plates

We have been making Willow Pattern plates in art this week. Our theme was traditional tales. First we thought of a main scene from the story and picked out 3 main objects/characters from this scene e.g. the wolf, the house and Little Red Riding Hood. We had a go at sketching them in our art books first and then onto our paper plates once we were happy with our design. We then used ink to trace over our lines and used water and a paintbrush to smudge the ink and spread the colour. We used more ink in areas which we wanted to be darker and less ink in areas we wanted to be lighter.

French - Hair colour and emotions

In French this week with Mrs Pearson we have been learning about hair colour and emotions. 

English - Explanations

In our English lessons we have been orally re-telling explanation texts. We have been working in KAGAN pairs to identify subordinating conjunctions in the text. We then read a story about how a vacuum cleaner works and used key vocabulary to re-write the instructions.