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Week 4

Outdoor Learning


We were tasked by our Eco Team to complete a 2nd survey of the outdoor area to establish what recyclable rubbish is being disposed of by the children in school and where this is. We also considered where a new bin could be placed to allow recyclable rubbish to be disposed of outside.


Our sheets will be passed to the Eco Team to consider further.



To celebrate British Science Week, Friday was all about STEM. We spent the day completing a variety of different activities. We learnt that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and found out that this includes a variety of jobs as diverse as crime scene investigator, psychologist and geologist. The theme for the week is Connections. Our focus was the connection between Earth and Space. We researched Margaret Hamilton - did you know that the 1969 Apollo Moon landings would not have been possible without her computing expertise? We then put together a time line of events related to space travel. Finally, we used our understanding of gravity and air resistance to make and test our own paper aeroplanes. We then compared our designs with those made by Year 6. We have staked our claim to being the best!