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Week 3

Outdoor Learning

This week during our Outdoor Learning session we got the opportunity to use the knowledge we have gained of 'Number Bonds to 10' to decorate the playground.


Do you know?

What do I need to add to 7 to make 10?

What do I need to add to 2 to make 10?


You can check our answers on our playground decorations.


This week we created our own story maps for the Zog story.

We also performed a firework poem with Mrs Blackburn.

Maths with Mrs Blackburn

We were measuring resources and classroom equipment but not with a ruler.

We measured the window sill using a line of rulers and it was 13 rulers long. 

We measured Mrs Blackburn's desk using a line of dominoes and it was 34 dominoes long.

We also had matchsticks, paper clips and cubes that we could use to measure different items.


This week we have been doing quizzes in our computing. In one we needed to use the knowledge from our measuring lesson with Mrs Blackburn. Another one we had to use our knowledge of the spelling of tricky words.