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Worship Warriors

At St James' School, we firmly believe that exploring our relationship with God is a personal journey, but one we can all support each other with. We place great value on the voice of every individual, including the children, particularly surrounding such important parts of our school life as worship. 


Our Worship and Culture Pupil Voice Group consists of a number of children within school, who collect and share the ideas and thoughts of the rest of the children in school. This enables us as a school to ensure our worship is valued, enjoyed and meaningful for everyone. 


The pupils contribute to planning and delivering worship across school, along with strengthening links with church and gathering feedback from the classes about events and our worship and culture. 

The Worship Warriors mission statement is:

“We will help people understand more about God and build their faith by listening to the voices of everyone in school, asking big questions and planning fun, creative and interactive activities and areas of prayer and reflection.”


This was written by the children and Miss S at their first meeting. 


Our pupil voice coordinators are: (R-L) Emily, Christian-James, Harrison and Coby. The teacher who helps lead Worship Warriors is Miss Scholfield.

You can find out more about our Worship and Culture Pupil Voice Group, along with the other Pupil Voice Groups in the link below: