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Week 5

Art and Design


We have learnt about the psychologist, Rorschach, and how he developed inkblots for people to interpret in their own way. This idea was adopted by the artist, Andy Warhol, who developed his own prints. 


We used black paint to make a symmetrical print. After this had dried, we studied it closely. What images did these 'blobs' bring to mind? We developed these ideas using pencil and black felt-tip to make our own art works.



Working in pairs, we practised the major chords A, D and E. We will be playing these as part of a performance of the South African song, Shosholoza. 

Play in a Day


Year 5 worked with members of a theatre company to put together a play about Greek Myths and Legends. They only had around 3 hours to practise before performing in front of an invited audience (parents, carers and the rest of KS2). Our narrators spoke very confidently whilst our gods and goddesses really got into role. We learnt about a range of Zeus' children including Dionysus, Perseus, Apollo, Athena and Medusa. We also performed two different dances. We had an amazing time!

Science - STEM Ambassador


We were lucky to have a virtual visit from Drew Steele, a STEM Ambassador. He talked to us about his love of aeroplanes and how he has worked with them throughout his life. He explained the science around flight and some of its history. We were particularly interested in his demonstration of how wings worked by using 2 balloons. We also learnt about the biggest and smallest aeroplanes as well as which is the fastest. Finally, Drew talked a little about how the physics of flight is now being used for space travel.