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Week 3


Today, we were lucky to have a visit from the Life Caravan. Harold the Giraffe also came along to see use. We discussed lots of different issues around the following topics:


  • Physical and mental health. 
  • Drugs (medical and legal - caffeine, smoking and alcohol).
  • Friends (our BIG question was, "Is it OK to make a different decision to one of our friends?").


Why not ask your child to tell you what they have learnt?









In science, we have been learning about dissolving. Which materials dissolve to form a solution? Which do not? Are there any variables that could affect our results? We started by considering whether different types of sugar (cubes, caster, granulated) dissolve at different rates. This week, we have compared bicarbonate of soda, salt, oil, vinegar, wax, coffee granules and cocoa powder. We have found that some of these materials actually form a mixture rather than a solution.