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Religious Education

Welcome to the R.E area of our website!

The subject leader for R.E at St James' is Mrs Wilton.



Our Christian Vision for R.E:

All children are encouraged to question, respectfully, all aspects of their life and the paths they will choose.  We are journeying through our time at St James’ together, following the guidance and teachings of God, using our school values and SKATs.

We ask big questions of ourselves and of others and we look to the teachings of God to help guide and formulate our answers.

Our children learn to be respectful and knowledgeable about faiths other than Christianity, giving them the understanding that they will need to live amongst all religions and cultures happily and respectfully.


Snapshot of R.E

During the Autumn term, we will be asking some big questions in Reception class about the world around us and special people in our lives, including those who help us.  KS1 will be looking at Harvest (including the Jewish festival of Sukkot) also exploring the Bible and Holy books from other faiths.  We will also soon, be spending lots of time thinking about Christmas and the Nativity. 


KS2 are also looking at Harvest and revisiting the Jewish festival of Sukkot, investigating expressing faith through art, prayer and meditation, looking at Holy books from all faiths, Christmas traditions around the world, life Journeys (including pilgrimages within non-Christian faiths and the impact we can have on change in today's society.


Wow we are going to be busy!!!!


2021 Children's RE Conference

On Tuesday 9th November, Mrs. Wilton, Ayo and Lola from year 6, attended the Children's RE Conference at Blackburn Cathedral.  The theme for the day was 'What is the message of the Knife Angel?'  We spent the day with children from other schools from across the Diocese, taking part in 3 different workshops.  The final workshop involved us actually going to see the sculpture.  It was amazing and so big!  If you haven't had chance to see the Knife Angel yet we would highly recommend you take the time to visit.


Lola and Ayo will be putting together a short presentation soon to tell the other pupils all about their day.

The Knife Angel - Children's RE Conference 2021

The whole school have been taking part in some amazing lessons during the Autumn term

Poem about light by Kyla Yr 4

Exploring the parables of Jesus and what they can teach us about the Kingdom of God - Year 5

Subject Overview