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Week 6

Star of the week 

Dale has won star of the week this week for his efforts in English. Dale has a fantastic imagination and can often get carried away when writing but this week he has stayed focused whilst writing a non-chronological report about life in Britain during the Iron Age and has produced some great work, full of facts and topical language. He has also been sketching some fantastic pictures in both History and DT. Great work this week Dale, keep it up!

Our writer of the week this week is Esmai, keep up the good work!

History maker Day

We had lots of fun dressing up as History Makers. The children knew some fantastic facts about there characters.


As part of our DT we have been looking at castles. We have explored the features of a castle and designed our own castles which we are going to create. As part of our plan we used 3D nets to build a card castle. 


Over the past six weeks we have been working hard on our Computing topic of making a PowerPoint presentation. It was our last week on this topic this week and we enjoyed presenting our presentations to the class. Mrs Wilton and Mrs Dewhurst were very impressed.