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Week 6



We have been learning about the different phases of the Moon. There is a simple experiment that the children can complete at home to further support their understanding.  We have also been researching the planets of the solar system. To help us to understand the relative sizes of a variety of different moons, planets, suns, nebulas and galaxies, we watched a 3D video. This was awe inspiring.


I have added both the links.



Universe Size Comparison | 3d Animation Comparison | Stars Real Scale Comparison In this video we made 3d Comparison of Universe and this is real scale comparison and this is 3d animated comparison video. #stars #Universe #3d #animation Check this amazing video -



We learnt how to use rugby tags in our PE session this week before playing different games to practise our skills.



Today, we had a visit from the Mental Health in Schools team who talked to us about self-esteem and how to feel positive about ourselves. We talked about the things that affect our self-esteem, both negative and positive, and learnt strategies to deal with those situations when our internal critical voice takes over. We then made chatterboxes that include positive affirmations.