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Design Technology

Welcome to the Design Technology (D.T.) area of our website!

The subject leader for Design Technology at St James' is Mrs Malik. 


Our Christian Vision for D.T:

In DT children are encouraged to look at what exists in the world around them, giving them opportunities to appreciate the world.  Children will develop a love of learning through an engaging,  variety of projects and have the ability to explore individual ideas whilst in a safe, supportive environment.  Through research, practise, creativity, and evaluation, each child at St James’ will gain confidence in their own achievements and the ability to question and improve. Every child is encouraged to adopt new skills and further their knowledge ensuring the DT at St James’ is inclusive and embracing for all children, allowing them to prosper.


Everything in the world that we live in has been designed. In our modern lives, things are being designed to make our lives easier and more fruitful. As time continues, these products are reviewed, analysed and then redesigned to meet the needs of the people now. Our children will experience this process of reviewing what there currently is, developing it and then create a new version of it. This is design. The children will use a range of materials and tools to enable them to convert their design ideas into a product. They will learn that the process does not work successfully first every time and that changes and alterations may be appropriate to achieve the desired outcome. 


Each class will be involved in a topic in each term. This may be over regular timetabled sessions or grouped sessions, dependent on the materials and tools needs as well as the setting up time and safety.


Snapshot of D.T.

In the Autumn term, the year groups focused unit is cooking and nutrition and the children will combine and develop their skills, using a variety of materials to meet different criteria.

Year 1 Cooking and Nutrition: Fruits

Year 2 Cooking and Nutrition: Vegetables

Year 3 Picnic from around the world

Year 4 Seasonality

Year 5 Food from Other Cultures (Christmas)

Year 6 A savoury dish


Below are a few photos of our work from previous units.