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Week 3

Week 3

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How are we at the end of week 3 already?! Time is absolutely flying!


The children have really enjoyed their writing in English this week. For their independent write, the children have written a biography about me - Miss Scholfield! They have found it hilarious being able to find out lots of information about me, even my real name!! They asked lots of great questions as part of their research. There were some very random questions in there too, like my favourite type of cheese!


The focus of our maths has again been addition and subtraction, this week focussing on estimating, using the inverse and using complements to 100. The children have really persevered with this. 


We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Life Caravan as part of our PSHE. A lovely lady called Emma came in and led a session called Meet the Brain. We were so excited to see that she had brought Harold Giraffe in with her. We had a chat with him and even got to stroke him. 


In science, the children learned all about invertebrates and vertebrates. They found out the different types of skeleton - endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. 


The children built on their geography skills by plotting the epicentres of earthquakes on a map of New Zealand. 


We finished the week with the Children in Need 'Bearpee Challenge'. We did lots of burpees throughout the day and recorded the total. Thankyou for all your donations. 


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss S x

13.11.23 RE - Interfaith week

16.11.23 Science - Skeletons

15.11.23 PSHE - Life caravan - Meet the Brain

17.11.23 French - Colours and Shapes

17.11.23. PE - Basketball