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Our Christian Vision for Worship




Worship is an integral part of delivering our vision at St James’. We partake in daily acts of worship where children are able to explore the Christian faith and how this is lived out by others across the world and in the bible. We encourage children to develop their own beliefs regarding their faith and respect their right to do so. Children experience a wide range of stories, media, news and role models from many different cultures, countries, time periods and ages. We celebrate God and his love for us through many different activities, which are inclusive to all. Children enjoy practical and outdoor links to worship. Our strong links with church allow children to experience liturgy and be part of the church community, something which they may otherwise miss out on in their lives. Through worship, we reinforce the belief that God loves every single one of us, just as we are. This builds self - esteem, confidence and allows children to be the best version of themselves. Through various approaches to prayer, children are able to develop their ability to speak to God, should they wish to. This builds their sense of belonging, and for some children, reduces the chance of them feeling alone. We link our faith and the bible to real life experiences, enabling an understanding that God has a plan which we may not understand. We discuss and develop resilience and problem solving during challenges.


Our Worship Padlet for 2023-24


Click on the Padlet to explore our Worship this year at St. James'.


Our Worship Padlet for 2022-2023


Click on the Padlet to explore our Worship this year at St. James'.


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Collective Worship Policy