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Spring 1 Week 4

Maths - Decimals

This week, we have begun to learn about decimal numbers in Maths. We started by exploring place value using counters to deepen our understanding and look at different ways to partition. 

English - planning our shared write

This week, we are writing our own version of Shakespeare's Macbeth. We began by chunking the plot and working in our Kagan groups to gather vocabulary, phrases and sentences which we could use in each section. We worked collaboratively to build on each other's ideas and used the resources we have in class to help us. 

Year 2 and Year 6 Library Visit

On Friday, we buddied up with Year 2 and walked to Roman Road library to celebrate storytelling week. We shared stories with each other and enjoyed a lovely morning at the library. Our Year 6 children did us proud setting a fabulous example to the Year 2s. 


This week, we looked at 3/4 rhythms which we found more challenging to clap along to. We listened again to the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and tried to put the musical notes into the correct order.