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Week 4

Guided Reading


We worked together in pairs to match the word and definition for our new text, a poem called 'What you need to be warm'.

Art and Design


We have been working as architects designing our own buildings.



In science, we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We know that an irreversible change is also known as a chemical change. There will be a reaction that results in a new material being produced. Unlike with a reversible change, we cannot get back to the original materials.


Did you know that milk and vinegar mixed together produces a type of plastic known as casein plastic? This was used from the early 1900s until around 1945 for decorative items such as buttons and hair combs. We have made our own casein plastic in class. If you want to make this at home, you will need to mix 250ml of warm milk with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix this together until it curdles. You will then need to separate the solids from the liquid. The solids can be brought together and formed into the required shape. Perhaps you could make your own Christmas tree decorations? Don't forget to share anything that you do make!