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Week 5

Countryside Assembly

We learnt all about building safety from Countryside who did an assembly for us on Tuesday. Some of the children got to try on the high visibility jackets and hard hats and carry some of the things you would find on building sites. They also provided us with a fun worksheet to complete and a competition to enter. 



Y6 have a new feelings box! Every morning they put a counter with their name on to indicate how they are feeling. Depending on where they put their counter an adult may speak to them during the day to make sure they are okay. 


We are taking part in a writing competition called 'Twist in the Tale.' The children are basing their entry on the story we have been reading 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' but adapting it to make it their own and adding a twist. Here they are planning their mini saga. 


We have created Christmas cards to send to people at East Lancs Hospice. 


We have been practicing our Hockey skills this week!


We have been exploring things that could have a negative impact on a healthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking and taking illegal drugs) in science this week.


The children enjoyed showing off their work last night! Thank you to all of the relatives that came.