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Week 3

Week 3

This half term is flying by! This week in Year 3 we have: 


  • Explored unit and non unit fractions of amounts
  • Written a shared discussion text about 'Should Children have Screentime Every Day?'
  • Written an independent discussion text about 'Should Computers Replace Teachers?'
  • Had a wonderful World Book Day, themed around poetry, where we explored various poems, wrote our own free poetry and learned and performed "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?"
  • Learned about what a monument is
  • Practised our shading skills
  • Investigated the effects of different SPF suncream on UV rays.


We also won class of the week!!


Thank you to all who came to parents' evening. It was lovely to get a chance to share with you how wonderful your children are. 


Enjoy your weekend

Miss S x


Science Investigation - Effects of SPF Suncream on UV Rays

Maths - Non Unit Fractions

World Book Day!

Art - Shading