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Week 5

Assessment Week

This week in Year 1 we have worked our socks off demonstrating all of our learning in our assessments. Miss Whaley and Mrs Hoyle are extremely proud of us and our progress. We completed a reading paper where we used our phonics and comprehension skills. We also completed two maths papers where we demonstrated our fluency skills and our problem solving skills - Miss Whaley was super impressed with our working out! We also completed a SPAG paper and completed our mock phonics screening checks where we amazed Miss Bryan! Overall, we worked very hard and showed resilience and determination even if we found something a little tricky!


In Science this week we carried out an umbrella investigation. The aim of our lesson was to see which materials would be the best to make an umbrella for birthday bear.

We worked in our kagan groups to put each material over the lid of a cup and pour 30ml of water onto the cup and see what happens. We noticed that a sponge was absorbent and we learnt that this means it will soak up and hold the water becoming quite heavy. We concluded that the best option would be plastic because it was waterproof.


In Maths this week we completed our 'Place value to 50' unit. We looked at number lines to 50, partitioning numbers into tens and ones, and missing number problems. We did enjoy having extra time working on our Numbots app this week - which definitely paid off as Year 1 were class of the week for Numbots progress! We worked super hard unlocking new levels which helps us with our fluency skills.