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Week 1


Welcome back!


This week we have had our best week yet in Year 1! Miss Whaley and Mrs Pratley cannot believe how amazing we have been and how much effort we have put in to our learning. We have worked really hard learning new things and tricky content, but we have all been superstars!


Achievements from Autumn 2


Well done to Kyton and Eva for being our SKATs of the half term - they have worked really hard last half term to follow our school values and demonstrate their SKATs.


A huge well done to Ava R and Mason for being our superstar's of the half term! Miss Whaley and Mrs Pratley were super impressed with their consistent and fantastic learning and impeccable behaviour choices!


This week we have been learning about the seven continents of the world. We created a visual representation using use as some countries from each continent.


 Countries of Europe: Daisie - England, Ava R - Scotland, Kian - Italy, Ava J - France, Sathiya - Spain.


Countries of Africa: Mason - Kenya, Lola - Tanzania, Eliza - Egypt, Gracie - South Africa, Kailan - Zimbabwe


Countries of South America: Hollie - Peru, Shay - Uruguay, Talula - Columbia, Anna - Argentina, Kyton - Chile


Countries of Australasia: Eryk - Australia, Eva - New Zealand, Ishika - Figi


Countries of North America: Rey - Canada, Lawson - USA


Countries of Asia: Kaleb - India, Jacob - China, Ebony Japan, Zuzanna - Vietnam


Countries of Antarctica: Maisie and Ava S - South Pole


This week we have been learning about algorithms.

Did you know that an algorithm is the set of instructions we put into a computer for it to complete the work we want to do. 

We did some different activities following sets of instructions.

We completed a drawing activity, following the instructions Mrs Blackburn read from a book.

We did a number formation activity, following the instruction poems Mrs Pratley read to us.

We also built creations using Lego, following the instructions of our partners.


We have begun learning about mass and whether things are lighter or heavier. We found things around the room and determined whether they were lighter, heavier or the same.