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Week 4


This week in Geography we have been looking at where our milk comes from. We worked in teams to sort foods into three categories, whether they came from animals; plants or plants and animals.

Did you know? 

A cheese burger is in the plant and animal group because the beef and cheese come from cows and the flour that makes the bread roll comes from a plant.


We played a guessing game, trying to think of all the things we eat that contain milk and hopefully guess something Miss Whaley hadn't thought of.


What we learnt;

Milk comes from a cow and can be used for making milkshake. - Zuzanna

Milk is healthy for you, it is good for your teeth and bones. - Talula

It takes just two days to get to you from the cows. - Shay

PSHE - Life Caravan

This week we met Harold the giraffe and friends in the life caravan session. We learnt all about our bodies and what we need to keep them healthy.

What we learnt:

We need at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables;

We need dairy for out teeth and bones;

We need protein for our muscles; 

and we need carbohydrates for energy.



Our English topic with Mrs Blackburn is all about poetry. This week we evaluated some different poems and voted on the ones we liked the best.