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Week Three

Our Star of the Week this week, 


Jacob K


Jacob has won the star award this week for his attitude to learning. He has really impressed everyone with his enthusiasm during lessons. Jacob has shown great maturity by actively making the right decisions in class, whether that be by moving away from distractions or asking for support when needed. He has taken responsibility for his own actions and made great progress. Mrs Hudson has also informed us that he is quite the star baker and a great pot washer.

Keep it up.


Our learning this week


Outdoor Learning


We used our outdoor learning lesson to gather the different kinds of natural products we were going to use for our prehistoric art painting.

The children were able to choose different things, we gathered dead leaves, yellow leaves, some green leaves and lots of holly berries. There were also some blackberries growing through the fence, so Mrs Connell picked some for the purple colour we made.

The children also decided that they would use some mud and some twigs that were soaked in the rain water.



We are carrying on our topic of Prehistoric Art.

This week we have explored how natural products produce different pigments,  which make different colours.

In our outdoor learning lesson we went into our environment, to collect different items from nature. 

We collected different coloured leaves, mud, twigs and different berries. We brought them inside and used them in our books to see the difference in colours.


As a class we made our own paints from using natural spices and natural ingredients.

We created our own design using these paints. 



In Geography this week we have been learning about 'How New Zealand has been affected by earthquakes in the past?'

The children have been studying the vocabulary and geographical terms that we used in the lessons.

We have researched the data, and discovered the average number of years between serious earthquakes in New Zealand. The children projected how long it will be before another serious earthquake occurs. They compiled and colour coded a map of the distribution of the earthquakes that had occurred in New Zealand.



During the week in science the children explained how different animals required different nutrients. They were able to make predictions about which foods will be high in certain nutrients.

The children then found evidence from different food labels to prove or disprove statements regarding the ingredients.