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Week 2


This week in English we sequenced the story, using dragon mask's re-enacted the story and also gave all the dragons at 'Dragon School' names.

What did I name the blue dragon?

What is a good name for the green dragon?



This week we used the knowledge we have gained about animal categories and thought about other ways they could be grouped.

Can you think of ways we can group zoo animals?


This week we have used our knowledge of 'part, part, whole' to help us write number sentences. We know that the three digits of the part, part, whole are the only numbers we need and they just move to different places in the number sentences.

We got to write on the tables or outside with chalk to practice writing our number sentences.


We are now beginning to prepare for this years 'Nativity' performance. We listened to the songs we will be performing and then had a practice of the ones we liked. We want to be well prepared before we invite all the parents, carers, grandmas, grandads, aunties, uncles, sheep, donkeys and camels to join us.