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Week 2



To start our new topic, Living Things and their Habitats, we dissected tulips in an attempt to identify their different parts. We learnt that flowering plants have male and female parts in order to reproduce. 



In our Kagan groups, we worked as Bible detectives in order to find out what happened after the Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit visited Jesus' disciples. We studied extracts from the book of Acts in the New Testament.



We used drama to explore how the main character, Maia, feels when she meets her new family. This will be used to help us write our letters in role to our friends back in England.



We have started to learn about measuring angles using a protractor. Mrs Kirby put masking tape on the desks to make a range of different angles and we were then allowed to using whiteboard pen to write our answers. We used our knowledge of estimating angles to work out which line of numbers to use when reading the protractor. 

Year 5 Blog - Aidan and Jennie


This Week Year 5 Has Been Doing A story about the Amazon Rainforest And A Girl Called Maya.


Monday-We Did Science And Named All The Different Parts Of A Tulip And We Did A Poster With The Parts Of The Tulip Stuck With Sellotape.


Tuesday-We Did A Dentist Where We Changed A Blank Room Into It And Made It A Colourful  Room For Children To Enjoy Before They Go For There Teeth.


Wednesday-We Did Angles In Maths And Did A Test With Some People A Test All About Friends And Some People Went A Second Time To Do A Map Of People You Might Meet Together And Why Its So Special To You.


Thursday-We Learnt All About Mountains Kindly Teached By Mrs Blackburn And We Did English All About The Book Called Journey To The River Sea And Is All About  Maya, Beatrice , Gwendlyn And Mr And Mrs Carter 


Friday-We Did French All About Cafes And Sung Frere Jacques And We Did Maths And Used Protractors With Masking Tape