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Welcome to the Music area of our website!

The subject leader for Music at St James' is Miss Scholfield


Our Christian Vision for Music:

 Music allows children within our school to flourish and develop their spirituality. We listen to a range of music styles and genres, giving the children the opportunity to form their own opinions based on what they’ve heard. Children enjoy music lessons, with movement and laughter often accompanying the activities. We have various wider opportunities such as the choir and we signpost musical opportunities such as music lessons, to allow children to further progress their talents should they wish to. Music allows children of all abilities and backgrounds to shine and is something which can be enjoyed by all. Children perform to each other, other classes, their families and the wider community. Music is celebrated as a common ground from all walks of life. We explore music from different cultures and time periods, prompting discussion into other countries and cultures. This develops our children’s experiences and appreciation for others, both of which will better prepare them for living in such a wonderful, multicultural world. Children study the context of the songs they learn, which gives examples of how music can be used as an outlet for feelings all across the spectrum, from joy to pain to anger.  Exploring this and having the opportunity to do the same can create a greater sense of self for children. We use Bolton Music service to enable staff to develop their music delivery, therefore allowing them to flourish more within their teaching capabilities.


Snapshot of Music

How we teach Music at St James is split into three strands: 


Listen & Appraise 

This is where we listen to various examples of the style of music we are studying within a unit and respond by asking and answering questions, giving our opinions, drawing comparisons with other songs and styles.

Musical Activities:

This forms the main part of our music lessons. In this strand, we acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge and rehearse these in a variety of ways:
● Games
● Singing
● Playing
● Improvisation
● Composition


As we move through school, we build upon our skills and knowledge.



This is a very important part of our learning as it helps us build confidence and also show off all the skills and knowledge we have learnt!

We are very lucky at St James to celebrate Music through a variety of wider opportunities.


We have a wonderful school choir who sing at school and public events.


In Year 4, a trained and skilled musician shares their expertise with us and works closely with us each week to finetune our musical knowledge and instrumental skills.