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Week 5

This week we started our new unit in English - non-chronological reports.  We explored a range of non-fiction texts, looked at the different features and visited the library where we had the opportunity to read lots more non fiction texts.

The visit to the library also allowed us to carry out our geography fieldwork which linked to our current unit the 'local area'.  We recognised and described the different human and physical features around us and also discussed the different land uses (open space, public services, economic activity, transport and residential areas.)


This week we thoroughly enjoyed watching the chicks grow into 6 fluffy chicks! We have looked after them all week and enjoyed naming them,  feeding them, holding them and even drawing them! Farmer David collected the chicks on Thursday and the children enjoyed listening to Farmer David explain all about the life cycle of a chicken, how to spot an unhealthy chicken and how to tell the girl chicks from the boy chicks!.  We can’t wait to receive updates from Farmer David on how our chicks are growing and changing.


In art we used oil pastels to explore different tones and created our our solar systems.  It was a very creative afternoon and the children can't wait to take their masterpieces home