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Outdoor Learning

ELSA Social Group - Borage Plants

July 2024 Potato Harvest - ELSA Social Group

ELSA Social Group - Our crops are growing!

Our ELSA Social Group have been working really hard to keep the weeds away so that our plants have the very best chance to grow.  Now the weather is improving we also have to water the plants regularly.


We have planted potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, strawberries and California Poppies.  They are all finally starting to make progress and we are beginning to see the products of all our hard work.


What a super effort by the whole team and we hope to have a small crop to show everyone before the end of the summer term.

Reception Class Obstacle Course

Summer 1 Week 2

Miss Bryan set Reception Class a challenge this week, to build an obstacle course using lots of different resources from the outdoor area. The children had to try and make something that they had to balance along, something that they could go under and something that they could go over. Could they travel backwards through part of the course?

They were up for the challenge and couldn't wait to get started!

ELSA Social Group - Spring planting (Potatoes are in!)

Year 1 Winter Weather Walk (Spring 1 Week 2)


This afternoon Year 1 went out into the local area on a winter walk as part of their geography learning. They observed the weather as it had snowed all day and they described the changes in the weather to their partner. Year 1 also had lots of fun building a den made of sticks as somewhere they could keep warm in the cold weather.

Reception Class Outdoor Learning on Elmer Day

On Friday 29th September, Reception Class celebrated being different by holding an Elmer day in school. The children came dressed in their own unique clothes and enjoyed an outdoor Elmer hunt in their outdoor area. It was lovely to see lots of communication and smiles on faces as they searched high and low!

Year 1 - RE Outdoor Learning September 2023


This week in our RE lesson we were learning about Sukkot and how people of Jewish faith celebrate Sukkot. We explored the structure of a Sukkah (a tent) that people of Jewish faith build to sit in and eat their celebration meal with families. So, we went outdoors to collect natural materials to build and create our own Sukkah's as we learnt that the roofs have to be built from natural resources only. Keep an eye on our class page to see the finished products!

Year 3 Science - Sept' 23


Year 3 became geologists in science when they decided how they might group different rocks. They thought of their own categories and used hoops and chalk to make groups. 

Sept 23 - Year 4 (Worship - Comfort Zones)

We went outside in the sunshine for worship.  Mrs Cookson gave us some scenarios such as: performing a dance on newsround, speaking in front of the whole school, going down a big water slide and representing St James' at a sports competition.  We had to decide whether these would fall in our comfort zone, stretch us a little or make us feel uncomfortable.  We thought about what we could do to encourage ourselves and others to step further out their comfort zones.

Year 5 - Guided reading - 19th September


Guided reading this week was taken outside to marry up keywords in text with the definitions.


Great fun was had by all, as the children tried to dodge the raindrops.

Year 5 - PSHE


Outdoor learning time this week was used learning how to play 'That's mine!' game. Before discussing different scenarios and considering what a person's action could be in response to the scenario, what the consequence could b and how they could improve it by negotiating or reaching a compromise.

Fun With Ice Decorations - Autumn 2 ELSA Social Group


The group had fun outside in the cold and frost this morning, collecting natural resources to make an ice decoration.  We chose things with as many different colours as possible, arranged them in the plastiuc tubs, covered with water and added a piece of strong string.  We then left them outside in the cold to see if they will freeze.  It is really cold out there today so we think they might!

Exploring the frost and ice - Autumn 2 ELSA Social Group


Our first group today, had fun exploring ice and frost using magnifying glasses.  We thought the frost looked like sugar and on somethings it also looked like tiny hairs.  It was very cold!

Autumn Maintenance - ELSA Social Group


The ELSA Social Group have been helping Mr Hudson this week, clearing the leaves from around the school grounds.  The leaves often cause problems, blocking drains and causing slip hazzards.

We also had a visit from a beautiful Robin, who seemed to be inspecting our work!

Paper Airplanes in the Autumn Sunshine (ELSA Social Group)

Autumn Sound Walk - ELSA (Social Group)

Autumn 1 2023 Gardening (ELSA - Social Groups)

Year Three Science  22-23

During our science lesson we investigated what colour flowers pollinating insects prefer.  We had to be very quiet, patient and observant during this investigation.

Year 2 - Pentecost Summer 23


Year 2 took their RE outside this week to explore the theme of Pentecost and the 'unexpected'.  After some initial input in class the children experienced the wind and the flames.  The also had an 'unexpected' treat!

Year 2 exploring Pentecost Summer 23

The Unexpected Summer 23

Still image for this video

Year three English - June 2023

Year three have been looking at classic poems, we worked in groups to practice our poems and used the stage to perform to our peers. 

Year 4 - Maths - Symmetry - 21st June 2023


In our outdoor learning session, the children showed their understanding of making symmetrical patterns, using the large connect 4 game, chalk for drawing and also going around the outdoor area and looking for natural or man made symmetry.


The children had great fun as you can see below

Our other group were concentrating on making doubles with the numicon and mirrors (symmetry) 


The group worked really hard, and loved working out in the sunshine

Year 5 - Art and Design - May 2023


After learning about the artist Magdalene Odundo, we took our learning outside onto the playground. We used chalks and large arm movements to represent her 3D work as 2D shapes.

Year 6 - Guided Reading Spring 23

Y6 have been enjoying matching words with their meanings outside. 

Year 6 - Grammar revision Spring 23

Outdoor Learning with Mr. Hudson Spring 2022


The year 5 Outdoor Learners have been working hard to get our planting areas ready.  They have tidied and weeded the beds, swept and cleared and have everything ship shape.

Outdoor Learning - Spring 2022

Construction Site Safety Role Play with Sarah from Casey's


On Wednesday morning, Sarah from Casey's joined us at playtime to deliver a role play session about keeping safe on and around construction sites.  With all the building work going on around our local community at the moment, it was an amazing opportunity to teach our children how to stay safe in and around these areas.  We also had a good look at the safety signs and talked out why they were so important.


A huge thank you to Sarah for her time. 



Construction Site Role Play

Operation Tidy Up - Autumn Term 2021


Operation Tidy Up has started!  Mrs Wilton and Mr Hudson are currently working with four Year 6 children to clear and fix our school garden.


We started by spending two weeks weeding as much of the area as we could.  We laid some new bark, which will hopefully keep some of those weeds at bay over the autumn and winter months.


Next, we have begun to measure and cut new lengths of wood in order to repair out rotting strawberry and flower beds.


Please stay tuned for regular updates.

Outdoor Learning 2021 - Autumn Term

We returned to school, after the summer, to find our apple trees full and the Blackberry Bushes bursting with fruit.  Finn, from year 5, asked if we could pick them.  We did so and Leander in the kitchen made us some yummy jam to have on our morning toast.

Tree Party


Over the last few weeks the keyworker children and staff have been working towards gaining the last 2 points needed for our Platinum Green Trees award.


On Monday afternoon we held a 'Tree party'.  We decorated our tree with bunting and sparkly wind socks, made tree shaped biscuits and picked strawberries to make strawberry smoothies.  We have been looking after the plants and trees, that are looking amazing at the moment, weeding Mrs Morris' garden and planting new seeds in the vegetable gardens and pots.


Lets hope we have done enough to gain this amazing award!!

Spring 2020


The weather has played havoc with our outdoor learning since Christmas, with high winds, freezing temperatures and torrential rain making it almost impossible for us to get outside as much as we would like.  However, we are determined to crack on with some serious projects during Spring 2 term.


The first of our projects is with a year 5 group who aim to clear up the reception out door fencing and work to replace it.  We will also be planning an area for and building our new outdoor learning store as soon as the ground is dry enough.


Our year 3 and 4 gardeners have begun clearing Mrs Morris' memorial garden and are hoping to repair the fencing and add some gates.


Year 1 and 2 will be learning all about plants this half term.  We started by investigating how we know something is growing.  We looked at new buds on trees and plants in the ground. We talked about where plants come from (seeds, bulbs, cuttings) and even touched on seed dispersal with the year 2 group whilst having a close look at a pine cone!


We will update the page with photos as these projects progress. 



Spring Term - Year 5 Projects and Gardening Teams.

Greentrees Activities - January 2020


Mrs Wilton and her outdoor learning groups have been working hard to achieve the next 15 points needed for the Platinum Greentrees Award!  We submitted some work before Christmas about trees and plants that grow around our school and the wildlife that lives in them.  We were awarded with 10 points!!!


We have also just submitted evidence of recycling within school and our Tree Champion Superheroes which we are hoping will give us another 3 points.  It will then be a case of waiting for the weather to improve a little, before we can carry out the next activity that will give us our final 2 points and the Platinum Award.


We have added some photos of the amazing work the group did on our Tree Champion Superheroes to the website below.



Compassionate Schools Award Prize


As you may remember, a number of children from KS2 took part in a compassionate schools competition this time last year.  As a result of the work we did with the Foals and Horses charity and in connection with the RSPCA we were awarded a £50 voucher (which we have spent on outdoor learning resources) and a years subscription to the RSPCA magazine.  These have been received and distributed across school for the children to enjoy.


Press release - Green Trees Gold Award

Year 3 - Making Jam (Stone age topic curriculum links