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Week 4

Week 4


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What a lovely week again in Year 3! We are really in the swing of things with our learning now. The children are settled into their new classroom and routines and I can already see some great progress happening with their confidence as well as their learning. 


The children have been very excited in English as they have begun to gather content to create their own version of The Stone Age Boy story. They created their own characters, Stone Age creatures and developed the plot. 


We concluded our place value learning in maths and made a start with our next block of learning, addition and subtraction. Place Value is something we will revisit lots throughout the year as it underpins much of our learning in maths. 


The children loved their French lesson again on Friday. Mrs Pearson uses lots of games and activities to help solidify the vocab and the classroom comes to life! It's definitely a highlight of the week! 


Science and history have been great fun again this week. This time testing different properties of rocks and busting the myth in history that Stone Age people lived in caves! They actually had summer and winter camps and lived a nomadic lifestyle, travelling around to ensure a good supply of food.


Miss S x

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