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Week 2

Oh my goodness, week 2 finished already..


What a week we have had.


Our star of the week this week was  Kacper



We had great fun with our science experiments on Wednesday. 


Experiment One 


Each table had three pots, put into a mixing bowl with very hot water. In the pots was a bar of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Some tables decided to break their bars into smaller pieces, some broke them in half.  Whilst other tables decided to leave their bars whole.


We tested the chocolate every 2 minutes, to log how quickly or slowly it melted.


Experiment Two (very popular)


Put a square of milk chocolate on your tongue, let it melt. Do NOT swallow or suck the chocolate. This was such a quiet experiment... The first square of chocolate melted within three minutes, whilst some children still had their chocolate after seven minutes.


Experiment Three (Again very popular)


Put a square of white chocolate on your tongue, and let it melt. Do NOT swallow or suck the chocolate. Will this melt quicker than the milk chocolate or slower. Some of the children's chocolate had melted after 2 minutes, whilst some still had theirs as they were being collected at home time.


Play in a day


Year four had the hall to themselves all day on Thursday. The children had great fun auditioning for the parts in our play.

How to tame a dragon


The children thoroughly enjoyed learning the play, the script, and the dance routines. The children blew us away with their acting abilities and their attitude to learning.

Pictures will be upload soon