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Science Club



The children are working towards the Science CREST Award and need to complete 8 investigations / challenges to achieve this. The first sessions was 'Confusing Cans!'

Vocab used: Density, acceleration, 

25.01.22  - Tea Bag Trouble!

This week the children had to investigate the best material to make a tea bag from!!  They chose a selection of materials, made their predictions and then tested them out!  

Vocab used: Waterproof, absorb

Week 3 - Float a boat

The children had to design their own boat which would float on water, holding 30 x 1p coins!!

Vocab used: Float, weight, waterproof

Week 4 08.02.22

The children were given the challenge of making the tallest tower they could using spaghetti and marshmallows.  They all did an amazing job and it was lovely to see their perseverance too.  Lorcan and Madison won the challenge with a tower measuring a whopping 26cm! The towers were awesome and the marshmallows tasted pretty good too!

Well done everyone!

Vocab used: Stable, sturdy, height

Week 5 - Lego Zip line!

The children had to design and create a Lego zip line for their Lego character.  They discussed how steep they wanted the zip wire and they constantly tested, evaluated and improved their design until theirs made it to the end without breaking! Well done everyone, super perseverance!

Vocab used: Speed, steep, secure

Week 6

Pom Pom Drop!


The children had to create a pom pom run to get a pom pom from one side to the wall to the other.  It wasn't as easy as it sounded, however the children all persevered, worked as a team and completed the challenge.  Well done!  

Vocab used: tilt, length, longer, shorter, thicker.

Week 7  - Egg Drop Challenge

The children had to protect their egg from a fall by designing and making something to hold it in.  The children worked in pairs, using their imagination and scientific knowledge of materials to help.

Mr Hudson performed 'The Drop' from the top of his step ladders! Well done done Year 2 scientists!

Vocabulary - fragile, gravity, 

Week 8 (Our final week!)

The children enjoyed taking part in the biscuit dunking challenge.  They had to predict which biscuit they thought would go soggy the quickest when 'dunked' in warm water.  We talked about how the sugar dissolves in the biscuit.  We also enjoyed eating the leftover biscuits! Well done Year 2 scientists, you've completed the CREST challenges!

Vocabulary: Dissolve