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Week 5 (Monday 20th - Friday 24th March)


This week in PE, we have been developing our accuracy when throwing at a target. We had different stations set up in the hall and we worked our way round each station in our groups to practise our throwing and aiming skills.

Mrs Pearson, our PE co-ordinator joined us and she was very impressed with our skills and how focused we were.


This week in maths we have focused on making 10. In one of our maths lessons we met three animals who made a ten frame using sticks. We helped the animals by telling them how many magic beans they had collected and how many more they needed to make 10 each time. We were really good at this.

When we were outside we had a go at making our own ten frame using sticks like the animals in our lesson had. Hidden around our outdoor area were ten red cones. We had to find the cones and work out how many more were hidden using our ten frame. It was great fun and the children showed a really good understanding.

Exploring with 3D objects on the ramp we built: