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Week 1

Star of the Week and SKATS winners!

Thomas has won our certificate for SKATS, Thomas has shown how he can explain his thinking by always joining in discussions, offering his thoughts and opinions and clearly explaining his answers and reasons. Well done Thomas!

Eva-rose is our star of the week for making an amazing start to year 4.  Eva has found the confidence to put her hand up and contribute within lessons. Well done Eva!

Bolton Music Service came into school to perform for the whole school.  We were the lucky class that was chosen to stay behind and take part in a music workshop with the musicians.  We got to have a go at playing a range of musical instruments - some we'd never even heard of or seen before!  What an amazing opportunity!

Fundamental Movement Skills - PE

In our first PE lesson with Mrs Wilton, we focused on squeezing our muscles to help us balance.  This was part of our fundamental movements unit.  We completed different activities at different stations and thoroughly enjoyed our lesson!

Human Machines

In our PSHE lesson we focused on working collaboratively.  We worked in small groups to create a machine using our bodies and our voices that would complete a simple task such as: washing and smoothing bedsheets; making a cup of tea with milk and making some toast with butter.  We did a super job!

Ball Skills - PE

This was our first ball skills PE session.  We used the tennis balls and focused on retrieving a dropped and rolling ball in the most efficient way.  We learnt how to create a barrier with our legs to stop the ball rolling past us.  We now know that these skills will be incredibly useful when we come to play rounders and cricket!

English - The Firework Maker's Daughter

Today we read the first page of our new English novel, 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'.  We were introduced to two characters, Lila and Lalchand.  We noted down what we know so far about these characters and also what we'd like to know about them.  We can't wait to get stuck into the story!

Worship - Comfort Zones

We went outside in the sunshine for worship.  Mrs Cookson gave us some scenarios such as: performing a dance on newsround, speaking in front of the whole school, going down a big water slide and representing St James' at a sports competition.  We had to decide whether these would fall in our comfort zone, stretch us a little or make us feel uncomfortable.  We thought about what we could do to encourage ourselves and others to step further out their comfort zones.