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Autumn 1

What have we been learning this half - term


We have been learning about comparing numbers deciding if a number is greater than, less than or equal to another.

We then moved onto part, part, whole calculations to help us write number sentences. 


 We have been learning about dairy products. Where they come from and the journey they take to get to our fridges.


Did you know that Devon has a lot of dairy farms?


We have been finding out why. The reason Devon has a lot of dairy farms is because it has the best conditions for grass to grow. The rainfall is higher but the amount of sunny days is greater meaning grass growth is very good and very lush green for cows. The high level of lush grass is good for milk production.


We have been learning where around the world our foods come from.

Bananas come from Costa Rica and Strawberries come from the UK.

We have been learning what other religions do to celebrate 'Harvest'. Jewish people build a special tent, they cover the roof with leaves and twigs that they collect. 

We used cardboard boxes, covered them in paper then painted them green or brown before covering the top with leaves and twigs we had collected.


Mary Jones


Mary Jones came to visit us in Y1.  She told us all about herself and about how she lived in a small stone cottage in the Welsh countryside. She worshiped at the village chapel and heard stories read from the Bible. Mary longed for a bible of her own and, after saving up for six years, walked 25 miles to buy one in her bare feet!


The children in Year 2 have been looking after some chicks form egg to hatching. Once they had all hatched and dried we were able to see them.

We had to be very gentle when holding them, by making a cradle with our hands and gentle putting our thumbs on their backs to make them feel safe. They started to get quite noisy, chirping to their friend waiting in the box.


"I liked holding the chick, it made me feel like I had company and it was fluffy" (Eska) 


" I didn't want to hold the chick, I thought it was going to scratch me because it had sharp little claws." (Oscar)

Meeting Year 2 Chicks