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Week 4

Week 4


It has been a little quieter in class this week since the chicks have returned to their farm in Clitheroe.  The children and staff are missing them but the farmer is going to send us some pictures soon to show us how much they have grown.





Why don't penguins fly? Is our key question in geography.  To start their enquiry we have been exploring some key geographical features like the Equator, ice bergs,  valleys and coast lines.  In their groups, the children presented all the things they had found out about their feature, including its meaning, something it rhymes with and even made actions to help us remember.


We have read 'Where Is Home, Little Pip' by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman about a little penguin who gets lost. We have encouraged the children to think about the landscape and weather conditions in the story and why getting lost is so dangerous for Pip.





The children have been introduced to 'Rekenrek' this week.  It will be used to work on fluency of number bonds.  Whilst we excitedly await our deliver of our practical equipment the children have been using the Ipads. 



In preparation for our visit from Rev. Alice next week, the children have been thinking about questions they would like to ask her about the Bible.


Then they had lots of fun creating all 66 books of the bible using various boxes!



Rev. Alice’s visit to Year 2


The children enjoyed a visit from Rev. Alice this afternoon (Friday) and had the opportunity to ask her some of the questions they’d thought about earlier in the week.